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Casting talent for film, television, commercial, voice-overs, and theatre for over 25 years in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape town and anywhere in between


While maintaining a boutique feel, Casting Initiative seeks out distinct and extraordinary talent, uniquely tailored to each project. 


Whether it is a big budget feature, a national commercial, a television series, or a small indie film, Casting Initiative devotes the same attention to detail to each and every project. Along with their diverse experience comes an expansive network of contacts and resources countrywide and skill for bringing in new and untapped talent. Our team collaborates on each project, providing a unique selection that can’t be matched anywhere else. Casting Initiative experienced casting directors allow actors and non-actors to feel comfortable enough to give a great audition and showcase their talent. Known to be one of the friendliest casting offices, we truly believe that you should love what you do.


Street casting: the next big thing - not only do we run conventional casting studios but we specialise in hitting the streets hard and fast for untapped talent. For us, the final results of any project are inextricably tied up in the processes. If your process is fairly conventional, then you get that. The process we go through is more unusual and inevitably the end result is quite unusual. That’s what stands out.


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